Venice Apartments

Apartments in the middel of Venice

Venice ~ the pearl in Adria

World-famous places of interest, gastronomically mediterrane kitchen


The town of the love, artists and legends

Summer in Venice

The pearl in the Adria.

Enchant yourselves by the charm Venice. Historical palaces, interesting places of interest and Venetian atmosphere very closely experience.
Venice offers a fullness in places of interest and culture for everybody.

Experience Venice, very closely.

DIRECT booking: Mobile  +39 328 5495120.

Apartment La Casetta by Venice Apartments

Apartment La Casetta in San Marco

Ideally for 2 people in a animate part of town of San Marco. Short ways to all places of interest. Small, well, but oho.

Apartment San Pantalon

Our lowcost Apartment.
Familyfriendly apartment up to 4 guests in District Dorsoduro.

Apartment Rialto Pasina

A piano Nobile in the gothic palace in indirect nearness to the world-famous Rialtobrücke.
High class in the part of town of San Polo.

Our Partner in Venice

Our Partner in Venice

Trusting and gladly recommended.

La Biennale di Venezia

Prontopia Venice

Prontopia – The app you gets  you there.
Download  →  Install  →  Experience Venice

La Biennale di Venezia

La Biennale di Venezia

Every year the biennial film festival takes place in Venice.

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